Ownership Breakdown

The capital stock is composed of 784,747,373 common shares.


 Shareholders  Number of Shares  %
 Controlling shareholders  291,709,296  37.17%
 Management  3,825,042  0.49%
 Free float  489,213,035  62.34%
       Opportunity  51,108,129  6.51%
       Atmos  45,148,651  5.75%
       Truxt  43,963,504  5.60%
       Other shareholders  348,992,751  44.47%
Total  784,747,373  100.00%


This information is available in more detail in item 15 of the Company’s Reference Form.

Any person, company or group of people acting together or representing the same interest that acquires or disposes either direct or indirect participation corresponding to 5% (five percent) or more in type or class of shares representing the capital of a publicly held company, shall inform the company about the equity holding change, according to the Brazilian Securities Law.