Ownership Breakdown - Grupo Soma

Ownership Breakdown

The capital stock is composed of 784,747,373 common shares.

 Shareholders  Number of Shares  %
 Controlling shareholders  284,920,364  36.31%
 Management  3,797,042  0.48%
 Free float  496,029,967  63.21%
       Opportunity  51,108,129  6.51%
       BlackRock  41,830,442  5.33%
       Other shareholders  403,091,396  51.37%
Total  784,747,373  100.00%


This information is available in more detail in item 6 of the Company’s Reference Form.

Any person, company or group of people acting together or representing the same interest that acquires or disposes either direct or indirect participation corresponding to 5% (five percent) or more in type or class of shares representing the capital of a publicly held company, shall inform the company about the equity holding change, according to the Brazilian Securities Law.